January 2018 Newsletter


January 2018

On the Island right now, we have been hit with a bit of a cold and wet patch, while frustrating for holiday makers, has been much needed for the grapevines. This week even saw hail in the vineyards and temperatures fall to as cold as we have known here. On a positive note, the poor weather never hangs around for long, and for the vines it has brought just what they need after a relatively warm and dry winter so far.

We have been enjoying the 2017 wines during the past few months and we are pleased to report that they have been going down very well with all of our guests.  The wines have been full of flavour and exceptionally aromatic, particularly the Malvasia Volcanicas.  The harvest of approximately 3 million kilos was also a mighty relief for the winemakers, following the disastrous harvest of 2016.  For the artesian wineries, each year brings with it new wines.  Not scared to make a change, it’s always interesting to hear what they have up their sleeves and on their shelves for the year ahead.  Dry Moscatel anyone?

Our tours have been getting busier and it’s been great to read all of the reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.  The support is really appreciated and it’s really rewarding for us after the hard work we have put in. We are looking forward to welcoming even more international guests, with our tours now available in Spanish, Italian, French and German (March 2018). We plan to make further enhancements to the tours in 2018, in what will be another exciting year for us.

Dan Priestley

Dan Priestley joining Wine Tours Lanzarote

Malvasia Volcanica at Bodegas Los Bermejos, just days away from Harvest

On that note, Dan Priestley has joined the Wine Tours Lanzarote team.  Dan is a good friend of ours and we know he’ll fit in just fine, as he shares the same philosophy of wine, the Island and life in general.  He has been on a crash course over the past few weeks and even before joining us had taken up his family’s tradition of making homemade fruit wine!

We hope to see you on the Island soon & best wishes for 2018.

Ollie & Paddy

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